Virtual Action Phase Resources

Virtual Action Phase Resources

In light of school closures, the YHOP team has created the following resources to transition to a remote learning model.

Taking DIGITAL Action Starter Kit

Don’t forget to keep in mind the core objectives of a Social Action Project

Social action projects…

•   aim to create social change to benefit a group who is negatively affected by a social issue

•   focus on solutions to the root causes of a social issue

•   use ideas and feedback from stakeholders and community members who are affected by the social issue

•  educate and motivate other people to take action too

Even though some of the projects your students hoped to implement may not be feasible during this period of social distancing, there are still options available! For example, if your students were planning a school assembly to educate their classmates, could an online presentation be used instead? Could it be shared on your school’s social media channels? Could it be put on the school website? Look at some of the suggestions from our original Taking Action Starter Kit with a fresh eye and see if you can think of a way to adapt them. Focusing on the goals and obstacles your students identified can be a big help in figuring out whether you can adapt your projects to still meet the same goals in a digital format!

If your plans can’t be adapted, maybe you can switch gears by focusing on the final objective of a Social Action Project: educating and motivating others to take action. This is a time where joining voices with other organizations can be extremely helpful as well! So, along with our Taking DIGITAL Action Starter Kit, make sure to take a look at the websites for organizations that address the same social issue your classes wanted to focus on! They may have calls for actions that you and your students can help give voice to: you can usually find these under a “Take Action” tab on the website’s menu.

We’ve compiled a few of these websites below, organized by social issue, but don’t limit yourself to just these! If you came across other organizations that you think may have relevant calls to action, explore those — and feel free to share them with us so we can list them here as well! And don’t forget to check the organizations’ social media pages for more ideas of how you can help!

Animal Cruelty


Climate Change/Pollution and Littering

Gun Violence