Virtual Lesson 5

Lesson Overview

In this lesson, the Young Heroes practice their research skills by investigating a very important social issue:  littering. First the class watches a short video about how Henry Marr works to fight littering. As students work in groups to explore various sources, effects and causes of littering, they also develop an understanding of the important of being thorough, critical researchers. This connection to the previous lesson emphasizes the significance of carefully researching a social issue before taking action. Through collaboration with one another to present and reflect on their research findings, students walk away with the enduring understanding that Heroes of Liberty gather key information in order to form their own opinions about social issues.


For the teacher For the students
Guidebook Lesson 5 Digital Action Book Lesson 5
PowerPoint Lesson 5
Video: How to Help the Ocean Video: Lesson 5 Interview with Dory

Lesson Reflection

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