Training Phase


In the first half of the year, classroom teachers and Outreach Educators collaborate to deliver the 9 Lessons of Training Phase. The Training Phase curriculum blends Character and Civics Education and aim to provide students with the tools they need to take action and be Heroes of Liberty! 

Lesson Facilitation

Working together to deliver the lesson material can happen a lot of different ways depending on the school, the students and the educators. When an Outreach Educator is facilitating a lesson, the classroom teacher must be present in the classroom. In addition, we highly encourage classroom teachers to take an active co-teaching role. This provides more consistency across the nine lessons and is just more fun!

Lesson Materials

In addition to your Educator Guidebook, each lesson has an accompanying PowerPoint. This graphic element includes videos and images that support student engagement and understanding. We encourage you to review the PowerPoints ahead of time and adapt the visuals as needed to support the needs of your classroom.