Preparing for the Impact Celebration

The Impact Celebration

The Young Heroes Impact Celebration is TBD.  Buses will pick students and teachers up at their schools and transport them to The Celebration.  The event is open to the public!  Family and other school officials are encouraged to attend so that they can see the incredible work the Young Heroes have done.

Things to Get Done

– Complete the Project Display Board

Display Board Guidelines: click here to download

– Collect Permission Slips

Permission Form (English): click here to download*

Permission Form (Spanish): click here to download*

*These are being updated for the 2019-2020 school year*

– Send home another wave of Media Release Forms

Media Release Form: click here to download

What to Bring

– Materials to showcase your Action Project

– Project Display Board

– Sponsor Thank You Card

-Permission Slips and Media Release Forms

-Participating Young Heroes in their Live Like a Hero T-Shirts!

Introduction to Action Phase • Brainstorm Social Issues • Vote on a Social Issue • Research a Social Issue • Set Goals and Identify Obstacles • Plan and Create an Action Project Reflect and Measure Impact • Prepare for the Impact Celebration