Reflect and Measure Impact


This step is easy to skim over – especially at the end of the year when time becomes limited. Reflection on impact is important because it invites students to celebrate what they did well and consider what they could do differently in the future.


For the teacher For the students
Guidebook: Reflect and Measure Impact Action Sheets: Reflect and Measure Impact
Quick Sheet: Reflect and Measure Impact

Action Phase Reflection


Ideas for Reflection

There are a number of worksheets for students to complete in the guidebook (page 168-170) that ask them to look at the work that they’ve done. This includes an Impact Chart and a Change-O-Meter.

Some other ideas are to have them write to future Young Heroes about their social action project, to have a group discussion about their experience, to create a poster to hang in the school hallway, or to write a letter to themselves about why they are proud of the work they did.

Introduction to Action Phase • Brainstorm Social Issues • Vote on a Social Issue • Research a Social Issue • Set Goals and Identify Obstacles • Plan and Create an Action Project Reflect and Measure Impact • Prepare for the Impact Celebration